Galileo Drop Earrings

The Galileo Drop Earrings were a creation made with a lot of time and love. Each setting is orbital creating a full spherical shape. White the front is set with a stone, the back is engraved with my celestial motif.  They can be reversed to show either side or alternately the studs can be worn alone- so really its like 6 pairs of earrings in one. Wear one earring with stones front facing, the other with celestial engravings front facing, or pair one drop earring with the stud alone on the other ear. The playfulness of these earrings is in their mismatched appearance and juicy jewel tone stones. They are not too heavy to be worn all day- I've tested them out myself. 

Each setting is completely hand made and these are truly one of a kind. 

14k gold and precious colored stones. 

Stones: (left earring in picture top to bottom) amethyst, tourmaline, tourmaline, spinel, iolite, (right earring in picture top to bottom) Topaz, tourmaline, tourmaline, tsavorite, blue sapphire. 

Top stone diameter: 10mm, Base stone diameter: 4mm