Bi-Color Green/Blue Tourmaline Galileo Pendant

This is a super special Galileo, as I hunted down this tourmaline for days in Tucson.  I decided it needed rose gold as the setting so voila. Everything about the Galileo pendant is handmade, some down to cutting and carving the stone myself when I desire to do so. I enjoy making and forming the setting as well as engraving the backs.  Eyelash setting sets the center stone on the front, and celestial engravings adorn the back shell. Or, you reverse and wear to your hearts content. *Pendants are sold alone* no chain. But I'm happy to help you source if you email me :) 

*ready to ship* 

14k Rose Gold

Stone: bi-color 13 carat blue/green Brazilian tourmaline cabochon 

Stone size: 13mm diameter 

Pendant Drop with bail: 19mm

Inner bail diameter: 4mm (meant to fit over most chains but if you need a chain affixed, email me and I can get your sorted out).