Blue Quartz Galileo Pendant

A big ol' chonker Blue Quartz Galileo pendant at 12mm in diameter. It may be a larger stone but the pendant is still light in weight. This one is special because I cut the stone from rough to final polish as well as the celestial intaglio on the backside of the stone. It's truly one of a kind.  The Galileo setting creates a complete sphere. The back setting is engraved with my celestial motif, a special diamond finish and a single lone diamond in the center of a saturn engraving. Lots of hidden detail on this one. It is meant to be worn either way and can roll around while being worn to reveal the different sides of the pendant.


One of a kind

14k gold, 1mm lab grown diamond, and 12mm diameter blue quartz cabochon. 

Bail/jumpring inside diameter- 4mm (should be large enough to fit over most chain ends). 

If you want help sourcing a chain, email me and we can find the perfect one-