Evil Eye Ring | Silver | Emeralds

This Evil Eye Ring is a one-of-a-kind.  Vintage green emeralds are set along the spine and face of this sterling silver evil eye ring.  The emeralds are set upside down to reflect their round faceted bellies. 

Can be sized within a half size. 

Metal karat and Pieces of Starr hallmark on signature bottom point. 

Width at top point: 3mm 

Height off of finger: 4.5mm

The Evil Eye Ring is a curvy take on the classic Slice Ring. With Moroccan influence, the top angle has a slight curve that comes to a point.  Stones set along the edges and on both faces of the ring in Starr's signature setting style. 

Starr believes rings should be beautiful from all angles hence the signature point at the base of most of her rings.  The point is small and smooth enough to never hinder wear or comfort.