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Starr Engraved Galileo Ball

This Starr Engraved Galileo ball is a true labor of love. It starts out as sheet and Starr engraves the entire surface of the ball in star patterns. There are easily over 4,000 graver cuts on each ball. No 2 are alike, please note slight differences in each pendant created. It is a hollow form, but the wall is 1.2mm thick and work hardened. This means this ball will never dent and it would take intentionally trying to crush it with a hammer to cause any harm to its shape. It is stout.

- inner diameter of jump ring: 4.2mm

- 15mm diameter of ball

- 14K

- star engravings cover entire ball 

PENDANT ONLY- if you need a chain you can find Starr's favorite styles here and here.